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Course Descriptions - Fall 2020

Beginner (Meri)

This Beginner course is online this fall and we are going to use Zoom video conference until we can have lessons safely at school again. The class includes reading texts, conversation, grammar and listening exercises, and weekly assignments systematically building vocabulary. We use both puhekieli and kirjakieli, since you need kirjakieli for reading and puhekieli for speaking. Finnish culture is a part of our class every week. We have a warm and fun learning environment for students of different backgrounds. The class meets on Saturdays 10-12.

Experienced Beginners (Lea)

This online course uses Zoom video conference. It includes texts, conversation, and assignments to teach basic vocabulary and grammar to advanced beginners.  We focus on puhekieli as it is used in most interactions in  Finland. Our cultural focus includes plenty of humor and  risk taking. You must not fear making mistakes, nor be offended by the teacher’s humorous comments.  The class meets on Saturdays 10-12 and the calendar, additional content and support can be found at

Advanced (Hanna)

This is the most advanced class at the school. We will start the semester using Zoom video conference. We will meet on Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon. A text will be sent to everyone in advance of the class. We will discuss vocabulary and grammar points that come up with the reading. The texts will mostly concentrate on contemporary Finnish topics.