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Frequently Asked Questions

People learn Finnish for many reasons. Perhaps you are of Finnish descent and you want to learn something of your heritage and culture.  Perhaps you want to be able to communicate with your Finnish relatives.  You may have a spouse, or significant-other who is Finnish and you would like to learn the language so you can be a bi-lingual family.  You plan to travel and would like to learn "survival Finnish."  You have visited Finland, fallen in love with the country, and desire to return with an ability to communicate in more fluent Finnish. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Finnish, we at the Finnish School are committed to teaching you practical Finnish in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
Although Finnish has a reputation as a challenging language to learn, don't let this discourage you.  It can be both a rewarding and interesting endeavor.  To learn any language requires diligence. But unlike a regular school, the environment here is friendly, entertaining and relaxed. Teachers and fellow students want to help you learn and will provide you with much encouragement.
Take the plunge! Be brave!  We are here to help.  Some five million Finns have managed it, as have a number of persistent foreigners with a real interest in it.  The Finnish language has many consistencies which facilitate learning: Every letter has only one sound which is always pronounced the same.  The accent is always on the first syllable of the word.  The verb structure is uncomplicated, and closely resembles the structure in English.  Conjugations and declinations have remarkably consistent rules, with few exceptions.