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Course Descriptions - Spring 2024

Beginner (Rich Hammett)

This Beginner on-line Zoom course is structured for Zero-Beginner Students.  Rich will introduce you to spelling, pronunciation and fundamentals.  Both puhekieli (spoken) and kirjakieli (written) Finnish are emphasized, since you need kirjakieli for reading and puhekieli for speaking. Finnish culture is a part of class every week.  We have a warm and fun learning environment for students of different backgrounds.  The class meets on Saturdays.

Beginner & Intermediate transition (Kata Hyvärinen)

Kata teaches grounded Beginner & Intermediate transition in on-line Zoom format.  The lower level will start where Rich left off and will build from earlier foundation in pronunciation, simple phrases, and basic interaction.  The next level will continue to build, adding vocabulary, basics of grammar, and more complex sentences and interaction.  Classes meet on Saturday.

Intermediate & Advanced (Lea Christiansen)

These online courses use on-lione Zoom format. They will includes texts, conversation, and assignments to teach in-depth grammar and increasing vocabulary.  Students are Intermediate to Near-fluent.  Puhekieli is emphasized as it is used in most interactions in Finland.  Cultural focus includes plenty of humor and risk taking.  You must not fear making mistakes, nor be offended by the teacher’s humorous comments.  Classes meet on Saturdays.  Homework is submitted on-line to Teacher's website and will be decomposed and discussed in class.  Additional content and support can be found at